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S100 Fire Suppression & S185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance & Safety

Course Description

S100       Upon successful completion of the course, the candidate will demonstrate a basic knowledge of wildland fire suppression organization structure, wild fire behavior, plus suppression and safety procedures. Practical skills with equipment used in BC to effectively and safely respond to wildfires is a mandatory component for initial ticket holders. Successful candidates will receive the Ministry of Forests S-100 Fire Suppression certificate. For industry workers who may be required to take fire control as outlined to the wildfire act and regulation (loggers, truck drivers etc.) only require the S-100 training (not the S185).

S185      Upon completion of the S-185 course, the participant will be able to size up and evaluate potential fire entrapment situations and how to act accordingly to remove himself or herself safely from a potentially risky situation, deploy the necessary resources using safe and efficient strategies and tactics to prevent loss of life. The S-185 is a requirement for people who are employed to fight fires (e.g. contract fire fighters, emergency firefighters).


  • Annual Certification Mandatory
  • Ministry of Forest is now enforcing 2 day programs for initial S100 ticket holders. Students recertifying are not affected by this.

Admission Requirements

  • If recertifying their S100, student must show prior certificate
  • Complete registration form prior to course commencement
  • Provide a parent or guardian signature if under 16
  • The S100 is the prerequisite to the S185
  • Students must bring hard hats, work boots, safety glasses & hearing protection (ear plugs)


  • S100 Initial Certification - $250.00 - Price includes textbooks, and all supplies (bring water safe footwear as the second day is spent using the different pumps at the river)
  • S100 Recertification - $50.00
    $15 for textbooks if required.
  • S185  $50.00 - Price includes text books and supplies.

Your registration is considered "pending" until payment is received or guaranteed by a company.  Until this happens, you do not have a spot in the course.  We do accept Visa and M/C over the telephone or you can come into our office and pay cash or debit.



  • S100 Initial Course 2 day course 8:30am -4:30pm
  • S100 Recert 3 hour course 8:30am-11:30pm (day 1)
  • S185 starts after the first day of the S100 2-3 hour program (depending on group size)

If you are more than 15 minutes late for any course, your spot may be given away.


2018 Dates: 

  • May 16 & 17*Full call to be put on waitlist*
  • June 5 & 6



RegisterCall us at 250-562-1238 or register online

Call to check out our group rates.


Fire Suppression Manual
Fire Suppression Manual

Comments by Students

Running the various pumps was extremely useful

I enjoyed the practical portion of this class.  I learned way more than expected.

I've taken this course for many years and found this recertification full of useful information.  Thank you.

Fire Suppression Certificate
Roy (Instructor)

Demonstrating Mark III

Fire Pump


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