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Level 2 and Level 3 Guarantee regarding Training and Certification

Lifesavers First Aid Training Ltd.

Revised Edition: February 2011


What is the guarantee? The guarantee is that Lifesavers First Aid Training will provide retraining of the Level 2 and 3 if all the conditions below are met.

Transfer Eligibility

If the student is not eligible for an exam, they may be considered for a course transfer at the instructor’s discretion. The instructor will consider if the student has made a reasonable effort to meet the five requirements below.  A transfer fee of $150.00 WILL apply to all transfer students who do not meet these conditions, as well as any applicable exam fees.  These fees must be paid in advance of the course.  The transfer course must be taken within a four month period from the start of their original course date.  *see below*

Free Retraining Eligibility

The student understands that in order to participate in the Free Retraining policy at Lifesavers First Aid Training, they MUST have met the five requirements listed below. *see below*

  • The student must not miss any time in their current Level 3 course or retraining courses.
  • The student must be on time for class, be prepared, and act professional.
  • Homework must be handed in the days when it is due.
  • If student has already examined, the $100.00 exam fee to re-examine must be paid before the student has a spot in an upcoming course.
  • If the student misses any time in their retraining course, it will be their last course under this Retraining Policy.                                                                               

*Transfer/Free Retraining*

The student will be placed on a waitlist of the next course.  If there is no room for the student in the next course, Lifesavers will bump the student ahead and will adjust the expiry date to reflect the bumping.  If the student has opted out of retraining within the 4 months of course dates provided by Lifesavers, they are not eligible for subsequent free retraining or transfers.

All Level 2 or 3 students will be asked to sign a contract stating that they understand and agree to the previous conditions. We will not train any student without this signed contract.

Refusal Clause of Lifesavers First Aid Training to stand by the Guarantee: Management has the right to deny further re-training for the student if the Instructor states the student did not put in the effort to learn the material in the initial course taken, and subsequent courses offered. This includes failure to attend extra practices provided by the Instructor.


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